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Stretching on Yoga Mat

Pilates Workout Videos

Core & Glutes - Quick Pilates-ball Session

Tone your body, improve your posture, and increase muscle strength with this amazing quick Pilates-ball session. Let’s work those abs and glutes!

Foam Roller Pilates Workout

Join us for this beautiful and effective foam roller Pilates session. This is a short class that will leave you energized and ready to take on the day!

Full Body Pilates Sculpt - Fit Ball

Learn how to tone your body, strengthen your core and overall muscles, increase flexibility and mobility and feel great!

Arms & Shoulders Pilates Workout

Quick and effective arms and shoulder Pilates session.

Pilates-ball Core Workout

Give your abs some TLC! Work your core muscles & tone your body.

Full-Body Workout - Pilates Ball

Join us for this beautiful, fun, and energizing full-body workout with the Pilates ball!

10 Min Butt Workout!

A 10-minute BOOTY WORKOUT to strengthen your glutes, tone your muscles and grow your booty! Join me for this beautiful Pilates flow for the lower body. NO equipment or props are needed! You can do this class at the convenience of your home at any time. Let’s get this party started!

Full Body Pilates Sculpt - No Props

Tone your body, strengthen your core muscles, improve your mobility and increase your flexibility. Join us for a 15 minute full body workout, no props needed.

Foam-Roller Glutes & Core Workout

Work your Glute muscles and challenge your core with this 7-minute Pilates session that will leave you ready to take on your day.

7 Minutes Glutes Workout

Join us for a fun and engaging 7 minutes glute workout by Midtown Pilates

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